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Pure Art

Decorative Plaster

Variety of Decorative Finishes

Decorative Plaster is a pure Art of Wall Finishes made by Venetian Plaster.

MS Venetian Plaster provides various of Decorative Techniques and Textures like Faux Stones or Concrete look, but also endless variants of Finishes where we can create Unique design according to clients requirements. All materials we use for Decorative Plaster are based on Lime Mineral powder, therefore they are low water impermeability with excellent water vapor diffusion which could be used for Bathroom Showers or Backsplash. 

MS Venetian Plasters Artist create pure art of Decorative Finishes with Lime Mineral Materials which we use also for Venetian Plaster like is Marmorino or Travertino as well as with Grassello Venetian Plaster or Stone Art.

 Final Finish of Decorative Plaster is achieved by MS Venetian Plaster artist with 20+ years experiences.

stoneart custome plaster.jpg

Decorative Plaster Benefits

Decorative Plaster is very creative Decorative Technique and MS Venetian Plaster Artist can achieve various of Decorative Plaster Finishes and Textures with countless options of Interior and Exterior Design.
MS Venetian Plaster can make Decorative Plaster complemented limewash, glazed or also make it like custom Decorative Plaster

Decorative Plaster How Much Does it Cost?

MS Venetian Plaster will be pleased to do individual fair price quote based on all requests and consequences. Price we calculate is stable and unchangable during whole project as long as conditions won't come changed from clients site. Price will be including whole parts we need for make project smooth and high level of quality.
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