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Venetian Plaster

Luxury Wall Finishes and Design. Our goal is make your walls, ceilings or floors Unique. 

Venetian Plaster 

Venetian plaster has graced Kings and survived volcanic disaster. Older than the Romans, there is evidence of its use as far back 7,500 years ago. It can be found in the ruins of Pompeii and the walls of luxurious Roman villas.

Ok, but what is it? Marmorino is an ancient wall finish that is made from crushed marble and lime putty. From there, it can be tinted to provide a wide range of colours to choose from. This mixture can then be applied visually to create an array of textures from polished marble and natural stone effects and beyond. Today, MS Venetian Plaster continues to bring that historic, decedent visual art to your spaces with a mix of our own Venetian plaster paint colors. We make sure to bring you world class Venetian plaster walls to honor its rich history and bring that perfect atmosphere to your space.

Grassello Venetian Plaster is a Marmorino containing very small marble powders. This allows achieving extremely shiny finishes. Unlike other Venetian plasters, its surface has no matt / polished areas but is uniformly polished. Grassello Fine is the ideal material to create mirror Venetian plasters finishes great for ceiling, big walls or columns etc.

Furthermore, because Grassello polished plaster has practically no pores, it is very easy to waterproof, making it ideal for bathroom walls, backsplash etc. 

Venetian Plaster Grassello

In Italy, Marmorino Venetian plaster has always been considered the most refined decorative plaster. It is made of natural lime and ground marbles, and has a polished look. Besides, it is also the plaster used to create faux marble finishes. Today, with the help of the latest technology, MS Venetian Plaster can offer you three Venetian Plasters with outstanding long-lasting durability.

Marmorino Venetian Plaster
Concrete plaster walls.jpg
Venetian Plaster Travertino

An Italian finish from the Renaissance tradition

This plaster was created to imitate the Roman travertine marble, one of the most famous Italian marbles. Two different effects can be achieved with this material: Romano and Toscano, which has a more modern and youthful look.

Travertino is rough-looking, but smooth to the touch, with pleasing natural shadows.

concrete look plaster

Concrete Plaster for an intriguing and evocative urban style atmosphere. The Concrete Effect Decorative Wall coating is the furnishing accessory that emphasize industrial and metropolitan  style more than any others. Concrete look plaster is very popular to use for walls, ceiling even for bathroom or kitchen.

Custom Decorative Venetian Plaster

We can make a Custom Decorative Plaster  according your demands. More than 20 years of experience with Lime Plasters learned us enough to make unique Interior and Exterior walls or ceilings for our customers.                    

MS Venetian Plaster is using very traditional and authentic Italian materials, which are very Eco - Friendly and creative. We love create a traditional Venetian Plaster, but we also love to create some special Decorative Plaster

Microlite - Microcement Plaster is Decorative and Protective system for Continuous Surfaces.

Walls and Floors come together to create a continuous surfaces that gives each room an unique and elegant atmosphere. 

Microlite - Microcement Plaster perfectly adapts to any environment and style.

It can be used on different substrates and surfaces. Resistant to wear and water, Microlite - Microcement is suitable for any type of room, from living room to the batrhoom, including shower isnide. As it is a continuous and seamless coating, the surfaces are easy to clean.

Microcement Plaster Southwest Fl.
Venetian Plaster Southwest Fl

Venetin Plaster for Sale!



MS Venetian Plaster would like to introduce to Contractors and Homeowners great opportunity to get a high quality products from traditional Italian producer make a Venetian Plaster for long time. If you think that you can apply the Venetian Plaster by your self so we can sell the products needed for your project. We can also help with process via instruction videos or by video call. Make your home unique by your hand with our best products. 
We also provide courses for contractors where we are capable to teach you how apply our products and achieve best wall finish your customer deserve. 

Venetian Plaster from us?


  • Over 21 Years

  • Trained in Italy

  • 3500+ succesfull projects 


  • Eco-Friendly 

  • Authentic / Traditonal

  • Italian Natural Products

  • Certificated supplier only


  • Durable / Sustainable

  • Long lasting

  • Warranty

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