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Decorative Plaster with Industrial Look

Concrete Plaster 

Variety of Decorative Finishes

Concrete Plaster is a wall covering Finish for exteriors and interiors, based on a mineral binder, which allows to obtain a finish very similar to Industrial Style with Concrete Look Finish. It combines low water impermeability with excellent water vapor diffusion which could be used for Bathroom Showers or Backsplash.

MS Venetian Plaster can achieve Concrete Look Finish with Marmorino Venetian Plaster or Travertino Plaster as well as with Grassello Venetian Plaster or Microcement Plaster.

Concrete Look Plaster it is very popular Decorative Technique with Urban Industrial Design which makes unique atmosphere of the Residential or Commercial properties.  Concrete Look Plaster can be very effectively combined with Decorative Painting as is Oxidation Effect Paint or Faux Rust Effect Paint

Concrete plaster walls.jpg

Concrete Plaster Benefits

Concrete Plaster is very creative Decorative Finish and MS Venetian Plaster Artist can achieve various of Concrete Finishes and Textures with countless option of Concrete Look.
The best benefit of Concrete Plaster made by MS Venetian Plaster is usage for Interior Areas with heavy traffic, but also for Exterior Areas
MS Venetian Plaster can make Concrete Look Plaster complemented limewash, glazed or also make it like custom Decorative Plaster

MS Venetian Plaster also provides Decorative Floor System in Concrete Look with our Special Microlite - Micro cement Plaster which is very flexible and durable to use for heavy traffic areas. 

Concrete Plaster How Much Does it Cost?

MS Venetian Plaster will be pleased to do individual fair price quote based on all requests and consequences. Price we calculate is stable and unchangable during whole project as long as conditions won't come changed from clients site. Price will be including whole parts we need for make project smooth and high level of quality.
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