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Flexibility / Durability

Microcement Plaster

Microcement for Walls and Floors

Microcement Plaster is a type of finishing material that is widely used for decorating surfaces in the interior and exterior.
Thanks to the work of our technologists, an ideal composition of the material was developed, which has two fractions at the same time: 500 and 100 microns. MICROLITE has excellent adhesion. It can be applied to almost any type of surface, including tiles.
Microcement must be protected with varnish. The finish is available in three options: glossy, matte and semi-gloss.
It's an easy to use system. Visually, microcement resembles concrete, but has excellent technical properties.

Microcement Plaster Bathroom.jpg

The Main advantages of Microcement Plaster - MicroLite

Does not require dismantling the old coating. Microcement is applied to the finished surface without the need to dismantle it, which saves time and money; Has a ready-to-apply paste composition;
Withstands loads well. Microcement reliably protects the surface from mechanical stress and wear;
It is resistant to moisture, sunlight and temperature changes;
Mostly environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful substances, so it can be used in residential areas;
Scratch-resistant, resistant to any chemicals;
It has a wide selection of colors and textures, which allows you to realize any design idea;
It has a very favorable price in the segment of Italian materials;
It has a very low varnish consumption of 0.65-0.7 g, taking into account the application of varnish in 1 layer.

Microcement Plaster How Much Does it Cost?

MS Venetian Plaster will be pleased to do individual fair price quote based on all requests and consequences. Price we calculate is stable and unchangable during whole project as long as conditions won't come changed from clients site. Price will be including whole parts we need for make project smooth and high level of quality.
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