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Lime Mineral Plaster

Venetian Plaster Travertino

Variety of Decorative Finishes

Venetian Plaster Travertino is a wall covering plaster for exteriors and interiors, based on a mineral binder, which allows to obtain a finish very similar to that of the ancient plaster found in buildings in Venice. It combines low water impermeability with excellent water vapor diffusion. Thanks of this features MS Venetian Plaster can use this Travertino Decorative Plaster for Bathroom, Backsplash and other heavy loaded areas.

This textured lime Venetian plaster, which dates back to the Renaissance era, was initially used to mimic the appearance of Travertine marble slabs. Today, it is a popular choice for creating a variety of decorative finishes, including replicating the look of rough and textured finish like Pietra Spaccata, Pietra Zen or Concrete Look Plaster and much more wall plaster texture.

Travertino wall.jpeg

Venetian Plaster Travertino Benefits

Venetian Plaster Travertino is very creative material and MS Venetian Plaster Artist can acheave various of wall effect Finishes with countless options of wall designes as is Stone Finish Venetian Plaster . We can make also Venetian Plaster Concrete look, but also limewash, glazed or like custom Decorative Plaster. Venetian Plaster Travertino is great product for making a Venetian Plaster Bathroom Walls and Ceiling, Backsplash Kitchen or also Shower or Fireplace. There is almost no limits for where to use the Venetian Plaster Travertino and no limits for Finishes.

Venetian Plaster Travertino How Much Does it Cost?

MS Venetian Plaster will be pleased to do individual fair price quote based on all requests and consequences. Price we calculate is stable and unchangable during whole project as long as conditions won't come changed from clients site. Price will be including whole parts we need for make project smooth and high level of quality.
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